Printing multiple records from a query in one 2D Barcode 关注

Oscar G. Acosta


One of our customers need to print a packing list  with al the UPC Codes of a production order concatenated into a one 2D QR barcode . I'm having a bad time trying to figure it out how to do it since I can only get the first record of the Query.

Any idea of how could I do it with Bartender 2016? Any example to use visual basic? or maybe a clue?

Thank you!!!

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Travis Truax

You haven't explained what DB you're using, but here's a tactic you could employ to achieve this: 

Peter Thane

In 2016 you can only query one record at a time, but a function has been added in 2019 to achieve this using the Records Per Item property page on the Database Setup dialog I understand from the information that has recently been released about this new version.