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Jason Basciani

I have a label that the uses a print form to scan in various serial numbers and print them.  What I would like to do is take the serial number input and cross reference that on a spreadsheet to get another value that also prints on the label.  For simplicity assume I have the following:


A label with a text box (part number) and a barcode (serial number).  At print, the form pops up and asks for the serial number to be scanned.  A lookup is then done for that serial number on a spreadsheet column A (serial number) and the corresponding column B (Part number) value is found and printed on the label along with the barcode.  

Any ideas on how I can do this would be appreciated.


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Pete Thane
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Connect the database to your label and then add a Filter in the Database connection setup. On your Data Entry form link the a Text Input Box to the query/filter you just created whilst on your template link the serial number and part number fields to column A and B in the spreadsheet