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Chris Thompson

I have designed a data input form as follows:


Text Field 1 - This is connected to a query prompt and looks up a unique product code from a database

Text field 2 - This is connected to the print qty


The form works fine until i start trying to use a bar-codes canner:

To save time what we have done is issue our staff with bar-codes canner

On the paperwork we have a unique code128 bar-code

This has the product code, tab character and the print qty enabled

When testing in excel this works fine..the barcode scanner reads the barcode and inserts the code in one cell, tabs and then put the qty in the next cell

The problem im having with bartender is the print qty text input box is locked until i enter a product seems that the act of scanning this multi use barcode is too quick and as such the print box isnt picking up the qty.

Any advice on how to get this to work?