Installing and Activating BarTender 2020 Preview 1 (P1) 关注

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It's strongly recommended to install and test BarTender 2020 P1 on a separate Windows image before implementing it into production.

 Things to know before you install and activate BarTender 2020 P1:

  • It's strongly recommended to install BarTender 2020 P1 in a sandbox environment before deploying it into production.
  • Release Notes are available here
  • A Product Key Code (PKC) under active maintenance and support contract is required for activation. You can also use the BarTender 30 day trial.
  • For customers with an existing BarTender 2019 installation, the following step is required before installing BarTender 2020 P1:
Before installing BarTender 2020 P1, your existing BarTender 2019 license will need to be refreshed with the activation server.

To refresh your license, open BarTender Administration Console in the BarTender 2019 installation with permissions to manage the license. Click on "Licensing" tab in the left menu, select your current license, and click "Refresh License":

The “Latest Supported Version” column for your license should now display "BarTender 2020 Preview":


It's strongly recommended to have your PKC before installing BarTender 2020 P1

You can download the installer from the web (previous registration is required), following this link here

The download can take several minutes, depending on your internet connection.

In BarTender 2020 P1, the installation procedure remains as the previous version of BarTender. You may refer to the following support article for more information: 

Installing BarTender

For a custom installation, select "Specify advanced installation options":

You will have the option to install:

  • The BarTender Suite
  • The BarTender Suite with Print Portal
  • Licensing Service and Administration Console only

 Once the installation is completed, you are ready to activate BarTender.


Activating BarTender 2020 Preview 1

In order to activate BarTender 2020 P1 against your existing environment, your BarTender license is required to have an active maintenance and support contract at the release date.

If no license is available, you can get the BarTender 30 day trial instead (you can find additional details below).

For customers with an existing BarTender 2019 environment:

There are two options for activation:

  1. Enter your PKC when prompted or let BarTender 2020 P1 search for existing licenses. If there are available licenses, then one can be used for activation.
  2. You can use the BarTender 30 day trial.
Once BarTender 2020 P1 has been installed, the BarTender Licensing Wizard will launch:
Click “Next”, then choose one of the licenses found on your network:
If you don't see your license, you can click on the  “Search for existing License…” button.
Do not click the "Activate a new License…" button

For customers without an existing BarTender 2019 environment:

If no BarTender 2019 environment is available, you can get the BarTender 30 day trial. You can get the BarTender 30 day trial here.

Once the installation is completed, you can activate your license by clicking the Finish button, which will open the Activation Wizard. Enter your PKC for the 30 day trial:

Once you enter the key, click Next. The wizard will communicate with our activation servers and you will receive a confirmation message once it completes:

Provisional Activation 

In BarTender 2020 P1, "Provisional Activation" is not required. BarTender 2019 License Server hosts are forward compatible with BarTender 2020 and higher.

This means that you will be able to install BarTender 2020 P1 and then point it to the BarTender 2019 activated host ("Share this license with other computers on the network" checkbox should be enable for this).

Also, please note that Provisional Activation is only allowed once. You may refer to the following support article for more information:

What is provisional activation? How do I provisionally activate my software?


Printer Based Licensing

Printer based Licensing remains as the previous version of BarTender. Once you connect your BarTender 2020 P1 to the BarTender 2019 License Server, as a best practice and in order to avoid exceeding your printer license, we recommend to create a Printer Group for your BarTender 2020 P1 environment.
For more details regarding Printer Groups, please refer to the following article: 
Managing Printer Groups and their printers - Creating a new Printer Group


Technical Specifications and Compatibility

These specifications apply to the latest version of BarTender: Technical Specs & Compatibility