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Samantha Petro

BarTender 2021 includes the following new database connections:
  • JSON
  • Excel Online
  • Google Sheets


Database Connector Improvements

In the Database Setup dialog, a Row column is added to the Record Browser property page. This column specifies row numbers for the data, similar to the numbering that is available in the record picker control for data entry forms.

Additionally, you can now use an embedded database for text-base connections such as XML, JSON, and CSV.


Example using JSON

In BarTender 2021, you can now import native JSON databases.

  • Open BarTender Designer and create a new label
  • Go to File > Database Connection Setup.
  • Select JSON from the list and click Next.

  • The Wizard will allow you to select a Database file or Embedded sample data. For this example, choose "Embedded sample data" and click Next.

Embedded Sample data example:

"fruit": "Apple",
"size": "Large",
"color": "Red"
  • Copy the sample data and paste it into the dialog. Click Next.

In the next window, you can preview your file. When you are done, click Finish:


You can browse your records clicking the Record Browser option in the Database Setup dialog:


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