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For the project I am working on, I added a database connection to an Excel file. This file has two columns, one for a product number and the second for a number that correlates to how information needs to be arranged on the label for said product number. On the data entry form, I have a dropdown list that populates it's list items using this database connection. I see that you can have the Display Text be independent from the Item Value for each list item. Once the user selects an item from the dropdown, is there any way to return the Display Text  since I want the Item Value to correlate with the numeric code we use?

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Peter Thane
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Sorry not clear what you mean. 

For a Dropdown list with a database link the Value column is where the data is taken from and not the Display Text. 

Couldn't you add the Display Text values as a 3rd column in your database and use a filter in the Database Connection Setup linked to this set of values to select the product you want to print rather than using a dropdown list database object?