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Hi, I have a data entry form with two dropdown list box (PO & Item Code) where the values are queried from SQL database meanwhile other textboxes (Carton No) are keyed in manually.

I also have ticked on remember value next time for the two dropdown boxes and enabled repeat data entry form until cancel.

Supposing, after my 1st print, the two dropdown list box should return the same data that keyed in earlier for the next carton to be printed but it randomly returns different data from the query as shown in picture below.

May I know how to make the dropdown box to retain the value that was keyed in on the first print ?

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Peter Thane
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Sorry I have not got access to an SQL table to fully test this and so if it is SQL specific then I wont pick this up, but I have tried it with a couple of different Databases types for the drop down list and it works correctly in both Designer and via Print Station. I am using the latest version and so it maybe worth updating your to the last release for your version and see if that does anything.