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I have created a label that uses a relatively simple custom SQL query with 2 Query Prompts.  

Select P.Partnum, P.PartDescription, P.BaseColor_c, P.Size_c, P.TypeCode, U.ProdCode from part P
Join erp.PartPC U on U.Company = P.Company and U.PartNum = P.PartNum
where = 'GRZ' and P.Size_c = '?Size' and P.BaseColor_c = '?Color' and P.Typecode ='P'  and U.PCType = 'UPC-12' and P.Inactive = 0 and P.Custom_c = ''

The query prompts have been linked to fields on a Data Entry form so the user can select from a pre-defined list of Sizes and Colors. 

There is a performance issue that I'm trying to resolve.  It seems like there is a delay when the label is initially opened and I suspect that this delay is caused by the query running without the parameters being set.  There is also a delay after selecting the first parameter before I can select the second and then another delay between selecting the second and being able to set the number of copies with a third input on the data entry form.  Is there any way to prevent the execution of the query until all parameters have been set? 

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Xabier Clemente
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Hi Dan,

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What kind of delay are we talking about? Even if the queries were executed after all parameters have been set, processing these (no matter in which location these might be) should have a negligible delay. This process should be almost instant.

Could you tell us what BarTender version, edition, and service release are you currently on? You can find this information under the "Help > About" menu in BarTender Designer. If you find the service release is a previous version to the most up to date release we have available for download, we would recommend downloading and installing our latest service release for the BarTender version you are using; as it patches a number of bugs, offers quality of live improvements to the software, etc. Please refer to our article on Updating BarTender's Service Release if you are to update the software.

Thank you.

Dan Voss
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Xabier Clemente I am running Bartender 2021 R6. 

When I preview the version of this label that uses a custom SQL with query prompts, I experience the following performance characteristics.  From the time that the dataform displays for entry of the query prompts, I have to wait ~6 seconds before the first prompt field is enabled so I can select a value for the prompt.  After I select that prompt is answered, I have to wait ~10 seconds before the second prompt field is enabled so I can select a value.  After I select a value for the second prompt field, there is ~8 seconds delay before the quantity field becomes enabled on the dataform.   

For comparison, when I use the version of this label that uses a database connection that is configured through the wizard, I am able to move from one prompt field to the next with no delay.  There is about a 2 delay after both filter parameters are set before the quantity field enables.