R110XI4 RFID printer prints blanks - seems to depend on bartender version or network connection 追蹤


We're using an older version of bartender with the newest R110XI4 drivers. We've been having a problem with the printer printing voids (over 50% of prints are voids and the percentage keeps increasing despite repeated recalibration efforts).

This printer is connected over a network. When we download a newer version of bartender and connect it directly it prints just fine. The tags themselves are good quality and we've never had an issue with writing to them from other devices.

I have a few questions:

  • Does the version of bartender have something to do with this?
  • Does the network have something to do with this?

I'm trying to get Zebra to help resolve the issue and we've been through several tech support threads in order to fix this. But we also have to make sure the issue isn't with bartender or any printer driver settings as well.



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James Sharp
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Hi Louis,

The version of BarTender shouldn't really have any effect on this unless the version of BarTender is not compatible with your operating system.

The network connection could potentially be problematic. Do you have a locally installed driver on the computer you are printing from or are you connecting to a network share? I've seen other issue where network shares would not allow certain settings to be sent to the printer.

I would try and capture print code from both a good print job and a bad one and then compare the print code. If the print code is the same it tells us that there is something on the printer that is interpreting the print job differently. But if the print code if different it would suggest that BarTender and/or the printer driver are doing something incorrectly. It might be best to pass the print code along to Zebra for proper analysis.

In our drivers under Printer Properties there is a Tools tab, under that tab is a button for "Logging Options...", select the printer code recording tab and check the box for "Record Printer Code".