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Ed Shi

I'm in the process of setting up Bartender Enterprise Automation 2016 for use with Oracle MSCA/WMS.  Our approach involves Oracle generating XML files when are then consumed by a Bartender Integration to print the label.

For each XML (or BTXML) trigger file it processes, the integration seems to look for the Bartender Document (.BTW file) in the same folder as the Integration file (.BTIN file) unless the full path name is specified.  Does anyone know if its possible to specify a folder in which the integration is to look for instead?  The Bartender document (.btw file) is referenced as part of the "<FORMAT>" tag.

I'm told that you can't, but wanted to confirm that with others.

Thanks ahead of time,


- Ed

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Jasper Wen
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Correct, there is already a feature request in our system for this to be improved.