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Dear all,

First of all: best wishes for 2017!!

I've been busy trying to get Bartender 2016 R3 to work the last couple of weeks/months. Though it has been slow the last weeks because of the holidays, I'm back at it today.
I'm running into this issue where I can start Bartender using my own account on the server. Which is correct, since I set up my account to be able to open all Bartender applications.
When I try and open Bartender on a client, it states I'm not authorized by Bartender Security. When I log onto that client using the Bartender service account (which we made for Bartender) it works perfect. So it seems to be something local perhaps?

Anyone encountered this before and/or knows what I can do to fix this?

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Bob Steele
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Are you using Bartender Security currently? If you are can you disable that and see what happens, also could you check the following file and let me know if it is empty, C:\ProgramData\Seagull Security\SecuritySettings.xml

You may want to call in to our support line at 800-758-2001 option 2 to discuss the issue in more depth.


Thank you