When utilizing preview print returns to data form 追蹤


We are using Pro2016. When we enter data into a simple form to populate the label template by going from Print Preview or Preview (from the print dialog) anytime we change the number of labels to print it will automatically kick us back to the blank data form when we actually select print. If we re-populate the form fields it will preview and print. Basically anytime we change the number of labels we want printed and involve preview in any fashion it makes us re-populate the form fields. As long as we don't ever change the number of labels after that it will work fine.

Any suggestions other than going to the print dialog, hitting print, filling out the form, then printing (which is the only option beside cancel)? We really need to preview before printing.

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Jasper Wen
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I would recommend double checking in your form design and data entry control properties for each of your prompt controls in the data entry section that you the have the "remember value for next time" enabled. Also make sure if you close your BarTender document that you save it before closing.

If you are still running into issues, please contact our tech support directly so we can further look at your BarTender document and setup.