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Ian Cayless

Hi all,

Bartender Designer 2016 R3 Version


I searched the community before posting. Search screen message, user message, window message, query message. Is it possible in Bartender to have a window appear if a a field has a certain value?

The company I work produces a manifest document that is made up of multiple despatch notes. Each despatch note has a unique Invoice number. For a label to be produced all invoices must exist. For those that don't is it possible for a window to pop up and say "something"?

Alternative is I can print a label without the barcode on it with some text in place instead saying "something" (yet to be defined). Trying to be green and saving paper.


Example - label would print. All despatches for that manifest have been invoiced

Mani | Desp | Inv  | Print

1      | 123   | 321  | Y

1      | 456   | 654  | Y

1      | 789   | 987  | Y

Example - label wouldn't print. one of the despatch notes hasn't been invoiced yet for that manifest.

1      | 123   | 321  | N

1      | 456   | 654  | N

1      | 789   |        | N

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adam cummick
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To make a message popup you can use the MSGBOX VB function. So you could check that no field = ""  (a blank string) and msgbox "something" accordingly. You could also run a similar script that returns a value that you could use to conditionally print a template (if your version of bartender supports this)

If you want to stop a barcode, or any object, from printing: Double click the barcode in the template editor and a list of attributes categories should appear. Go to the top one (should be the objects name) and edit the "print when" option to suit your needs.