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Jeffrey Cedeño

Hi i have a problem on working with de IB, i have a label in Bartender that is filled with the data from an acces database, the label contain name, price and barcode and the information for this is in the database. When the label print it ask for the barcode then it search the other information to print.

I need to send a file in txt or dat from other computers to the path of the integration builder. the txt contains several barcodes in numbers(74575884488 for example), the integration builder read the barcodes and send this to the label and fill the information toto print one by one.

so if the text file contains 10 barcodes, it send one by one to print.

Sorry for my english i am a native spanish speaker. Thanks for your answers


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Bob Steele
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Hello Jeffrey,

So if I understand correctly you would like to send a text file to integration builder that contains barcode data, then use the Barcode data to select a record to print.  If so what you will need to do is add a query prompt.  There are a couple ways to do this depending on how you are triggering your integration.  You may want to take a look at our online help system here http://help.seagullscientific.com/2016/en/#../Subsystems/IntegrationBuilder/Content/Action_PrintDocument.htm?Highlight=query prompt integration under Query Prompt

Thank you,