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I recently installed Bartender Ultralite for use with my Toshiba BEX4T2 printer. It keeps saying that I am printing to a printer that is not recognised, and that this feature is only available in paid for editions.

I have installed my printer drivers through Seagull Scientific, and have downloaded bartender software from this link:

One of my other systems is using the Bartender Ultralite for Kroy printers, and I'm not getting any errors on that system. I cant find any reason why the printer wouldnt be recognised - does anyone have any ideas?



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Jasper Wen
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The Bartender Ultra-lite edition is a free bundled in version of BarTender with the particular printer and can only be used with the specific printer. Support on the ultra-lite edition is usually through the printer manufacturer.

The feature set are basically the same as the normal basic edition. Do note if you are interested, we do have a full 30 day featured version of BarTender on our website here that we provide support during that time: