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Hey Everyone,

Need a little help here. We print about our own labels with 13 digit numeric bar codes and do them in rolls of 5000. On each one we have the bar code along with the corresponding number. Today i was brought an example we had 2 labels which read 6000000699549. I figured it was just a duplication error however if you scanned them one would read 6000000699549 and the other would read as 6000000699547. It appears that for some reason the printer just printed a 9 instead of the last 7???

According to my staff this has happened at least 3 different times. I have tried to recreate this issue but am not able to. Has anyone else every experienced anything like this? 

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Bob Steele
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Hello Shawn,

This would take a bit of troubleshooting to determine what is happening, I would suggest turning on logging in Bartender by following the below steps

  • Open Bartender
  • Click on Administer > Log Setup
  • Click on text file log
  • Check both options, if you click on the setup button to can specify or see where the logs are saved

Once this is done and the issue happens again, please submit a support request from the main page of our support site and include the logs and the time/label the issue happened too

Thank you