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Eoin Thornton

I’m in the pharmaceutical print industry. We produce inserts/outserts/books etc. for the medical industry. Our operators currently print labels for our product on the work floor from a communal computer. This has to be accessed by 15-20 people. The MIS software we use has limitations when it comes to printing box labels. All the information is on the system but gaining access for 15-20 operators is not feasible. We currently print labels using third party software but our operators are required to input the information manually leading to human error along with being time consuming.

We are now looking to invest in new label printers to streamline the process. For this to happen we need to have a third party application that links to our MIS database. We want to end point enable the operator to input a unique job number and for the rest of the information that is linked to that job number to populate automatically onto the label. This will alleviate the amount of manual input each operator will need to do.

So our aims are:

  • Operator enters a job number (They will have this number exp. 57582) into a form.
  • They will enter the box quantity.
  • All other information is populated through from the database.

I have downloaded BarTender trial and have linked the MIS database from which the information will pull. I want to know if it’s possible that the operator can just input the job number and that all of the other information (Product Code, Quantity, Delivery Address Etc.) can be populated from that.

I’ve already linked the database and seen that the correct information appears, but I’m a bit lost when it comes to creating a data entry form that will just require the operator to enter the box quantity and job number. I’d like the operator to have a window pop up where it asks for the job number and box quantity and that is all they can input as all other information that is linked to that job number will pull through.

I’d like to test the labels in the trial edition before making a commitment to the software & label printers (Zebra ZT410).

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Jasper Wen
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From your description, it sounds like you are looking to setup a query prompt and filter. I would suggest start looking at our support article on this here about dynamic filters.

I'm not sure how you will be integration printing with BarTender with your custom application, you may also consider reading up on some our Integration methods below. These methods will allow you to integrate BarTender with your custom application and also allow you to query database records to print.