Graphics are sometimes pixelated 追蹤

Ulrich Schreitmueller


at my company we are using BarTender Automation Edition Version 10.0 SR1.

We keep running into the problem that occasionally, graphics will print out pixelated. When we start another print run, the problem will usually have disappeared.

This happens both when printing on label paper (we are using the Zebra driver provided by Seagull) as well as when doing test prints as PDF. One time the glitch is there, the next time it isn't. This is very frustrating, because if it isn't caught, it often means having to re-do several hundred labels.


All graphics used in the layout file have the same format (2-color BMP files).


Graphics are attached:

a) "Do not re-use" symbol pixelated (see comparison to the symbols around it)

b) sell-by-date symbol pixelated

c) the same symbol on another part of the same label (these are multiple peel-off labels). They are identical in the layout file (put there with copy+paste), and during the next print try, both came out OK.


Is this a known issue? Has it been fixed in later editions?


Any help is much appreciated.