BarTender 10.1 SR3 unable to contact Licence Server - also appears to be 'stuck' in Demo mode 追蹤


I have an installation of 10.1 SR3 which claims it is unable to contact the Licence Server - I have two other installations on others PCs of the same version, which have no problems. The only difference that I can see is that the install that cannot contact licence server seems to be stuck in Demo mode (Automation).

I have deregistered and re-registered. I have uninstalled and re installed. Every time I get back to the same point - "Unable to Contact Licence Server".

The network connection behind the PC is all OK and working as should.

Anyone got any ideas?

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James Sharp
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Hi James,

A BarTender client is going to drop into demo mode if it's unable to talk to it's license even if you have activated it.

As soon as it makes that connection to the license server it should pop right out of demo mode.

I would suggest looking at what sort of security setup might be enabled on that machine. BarTender utilizes UDP communications between the client and the license (default port is 5160). UDP communications are often blocked by firewalls, it's pretty common for the default Windows firewall to be the culprit. Try turning this off temporarily and see if it will connect.