Why are Operator Prompts not covered in the manual? 追蹤


I need to generate a GS1 Data Matrix barcode, with a lot number. The operator enters the lot number in the Print form, and the GTIN is already on a field in the label so the operator doesn't need to enter it.

The Getting Started Manual did not even cover this basic scenario. I was just shocked when I didn't even see a screen shot showing how to take a field form an input form and put it into a GS1 barcode. There's really no help for the labeling I need to do.

I'm so glad that this is not our main labeling software, we have a vendor who is trying to figure out how to make a barcode too, and he is completely mystified.

Even using the GS1 AI wizard, it won't let me refer to the named data variable for the input prompt that I JUST SET UP, it only allows Database fields or embedded data. No, I need an input prompt or named variable or something. Can this even be done in Bartender? The Wizard will not produce a usable barcode from a field already on the label!

If this is hard to follow, that is exactly my point that there's nothing usable on the "Getting Started" page in regards to this.

Not eve a list of usable graphic formats in the manual. Really?

The manual also needs:

  • -- lists of supported barcode symbologies 
  • -- how to use the barcode wizard 
  • -- how to set up user prompts for Lot number etc.

I'm not using Bartender for our regular labeling software, but I still have to figure it out so our vendors can produce the labeling we need for our products.

FYI this is referring to the Bartender 2016 demo version, using it as "professional". BTW, would you expect that the differences in the versions MIGHT be described in the 20 page manual? No it's not, everything seems to be trial and many errors.

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D Zurn
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I'm so steamed because I found that our vendor, who is using Bartender to make labels for us, has given up on trying to make Operator Prompts work, and asked me for the exact text to put into the barcode. Not even using the wizard.

So I have to be the Barcode Wizard and show him where to type the lot number and where to type the GTIN to produce a very simple medical device label that has UDI information in the barcode.

Raul Soto
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I am sorry that you are having issues setting up the software to do what you need, I know this can be frustrating. What you are trying to do is something that can be done with our software, it just takes a little bit more configuration than what is covered in the Getting Started manual.

I do think that being able to select or create a data entry control from the GS1 Wizard is a good idea and could help new users in the same position as you have an easier time building a GS1 barcode. I will submit a feature request to our development team so they can visit this topic and discuss improvements that could be made to this tool.

Once again, I apologize for the issues you had and If you need more assistance feel free to let us know and we can create a support ticket for you.