Architectual overview Bartender Automation or the Enterprise Automation edition 追蹤

Sjoerd Westerhof

What i'm looking for is documentation on Bartender Automation and the Enterprise Automation edition.

I'm trying to evaluate how i can integrate de software into a web Application. 

My requirements for the documentation and the software are:

- The website is hosted off premise and must be able to send print commands to: 

-- The users PC or:

-- A printer on the users local network.

(I realise this is a challenge due to logistical reasons, but i've seen other label software solve this problem)

- The labels should contain plaint text and QR codes.

- The documentation should give me an impression of the software that is required to be installed on the server.

- The documentation should give me the ability to assess whether the software can be hosted on multiple front -end webservers simultaneously.

- The documentation should give me the ability to determine the licence needed.


Where can i find documentation regarding these specific requirements?

Kind regards,