Problem with printing on selected media 追蹤

Per-Åke Svensson, Office IT-Partner



Im having problem with bartender print via Integration Builder and Print Commandscript.

I have made a label in Bartender designer and when i try to print it from Bartender Designer it works and selects the right
tray in the printer. If i try to print it via Integration Builder it does not select the right tray and it prints on plain paper instead.

I have tried everything (i think), change print properties and selected the tray i want and then saved = not working, changed
the Printing Default on the printer = not working

What to do?


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Gabriel Bruegel
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with Intergration Builder and Commandscript you could try to use the Command Line Printing codes, if you haven't tried those 

There you can specity the tray. Let us know if it works