Unable to start integration 'Database Integration' 追蹤

Seb Atkins



I am currently trying to setup a database integration using an excel spreadsheet which is being output from our reporting system (Crystal Reports)

I have tested this successfully using the 'Field has increasing value' option for new record selection based on order number, this is working fine however sometimes an older order number will be printed at a later date than the highest order number,

To get around this i have opted to use the 'Field has newer timestamp' option and created a date time field in the spreadsheet based on the print time of the order

However when i am trying to test this integration i now get the error below

Unable to run integration 'Database Integration' while opening record set with 'SELECT `binloc1`, `custno`, `custpo`, `descrip`, `expiredt`, `lineno`, `lotno`, `name`, `netamt`, `opendt`, `orderno`, `ordersuf`, `prod`, `proddesc`, `qtyord`, `qtyship`, `quantity`, `takenby`, `user1`, `weight`, `PrinterName`, `PrintDocument`, `PickedDateTime` FROM `Sheet1$` WHERE (`PickedDateTime` >= #2017-04-13 16:26:15.849#)'. Details: 'Syntax error in date in query expression '(`PickedDateTime` >= #2017-04-13 16:26:15.000#'.'

My guess is the date/time format that is being passed on to the 'WHERE' expression is failing because of the time format HH:MM:SS.sss however this is the format that integration builder is passing onto the query, the format of my field is correct as when doing 'Find Last Value' it reads the last value correctly,

I have tested the above query in bartender designer on the label i am printing and can only get it to work by removing the ".000" from the time format however this cant be removed in the integration builder.


Any ideas as to why this is happening would be most helpful