Problems transferring fonts to Zebra GX420t Seagull EPL 追蹤

Simon Piquer


I have a Zebra GX420t which I will use to print labels from an automatically generated text-file with EPL-code. I've installed the latest Seagull EPL drivers but for some reason I can't transfer fonts to the printer. The printer is installed as "Zebra GX420t - EPL" and I can go into the properties > fonts and add all the fonts but when I try to verify the fonts I just get the text "Not available" under the Information-tab.

Under advanced settings in the preferences I've selected "General/only text" and "Add CR/LF". When I print the label two labels are printed, one with just the barcode from the EPL code and one blank, but none of the text that is supposed to be printed. 

I've been told that adding the right fonts would solve this problem but for some reason I cant add them properly. Appreciate any help.


(all my settings are in Swedish so I did my best to try to translate them)