Zebra printers queue flushed with each job 追蹤

Bart Deman


We send multiple distinct jobs to a Zebra ZE500 printer and start printing these when we need to. Eg. 50 times layout A and 20 times layout B, after printing 15 times layout A, then we cancel the job in the printer and start printing layout B.

The issue we have is that the jobs from layout B removes those from layout A. We can't queue them, which we really need. I searched the internet but did not find a solution yet. What I've tried:

  1. In the print dialog in BarTender under tab options I've made sure "Cancel any jobs previously queued to this printer is unchecked.
  2. In the print dialog I choose "Document Properties" -> "Page Setup" > "Advanced" > "Commands issued by user". Then I made sure that there were no commands set at the start of the job which could flush the queue.

Still the previous jobs are canceled when a new job is send. Does anyone have another idea where I could find a solution? Another setting maybe?

Kind regards 
Deman Bart