iseries 追蹤

Michael A Corbo

First, I am new to bartender and have been given the task of using it to generate UCC labels.  

Application on the iSeries creates records in a single database that have a sequential carton # and a batch number.  Each batch will have multiple carton records. 

I need to read this file by batch and create a folder on the IFS using this number. 

Bartender will then need to generate a single PDF file with all labels in that batch in the folder created.

In Integrator, I have successfully set up a Database Integration  that will obtain records from the file based on increasing field value of the carton#, created the folder on the IFS and I can print the label to a local zebra printer.  I am not sure how to:

1) create a pdf file 

2) include multiple labels in said pdf file

Any help or pointers in would be greatly appreciated.