ADO.NET Database Connectivity 追蹤

James Dworak

Hello Bartender users,

I have a question about the new 2016 edition of bartender. In the coming months we will be deploying the 2016 edition of bartender and luckly I got to be one of the beta testers and developers for our home grown projects. We primiarly use print station for our systems that use 3-4 labels and have home grown software for other more specific needs that use multitudes of different templates.

In lue of that our IT department is looking to secure our data yet provide flexibility by having all software request information via web services/SOAP and or ReST services if they are unsecured. This is due to the fact that some of our databases contain sensitive information but can not be split due to our infrastructure and other systems that rely on that data.

I see that there is more database types that can be added but I do not see any information about the new or how we can implement it outside of integration builder. (Mostly as labels are printed on demand not triggered via web service or ect.)


Current proposed flow:

Operator opens print station > Selects label > scans UID > Bartender preforms a GET/POST to a web service > Data output as a XML by web service > Bartender prints labels in XML or equivalent. 

As we would like to keep using print station due to it's ease and flexibility any help would be much obliged.