Is it possible to print to a TSC printer in ZPL? 追蹤

Chris S.

After some tests with the bartender software, it seems that sending the printer ZPL code directly instead of printing via Bartender results in the best output/printing quality. I'd like the Bartender software to speak with the printer in ZPL too. Is it possible to do something like that?


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Shotaro Ito
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I'm not sure which TSC printer able to print via ZPL - however if there's such model, if you install Seagull driver for Zebra with the same (or close) print dimension and print, that makes BarTender to send ZPL command to the printer.
(note that you have to choose ZPL models, as some Zebra printers doesn't use ZPL.)

Be aware that TSC may not support such usage, neither Seagull does.