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Andrew Jenssen



 In our production date codes, we separate each code in 2 hour intervals with each interval represented by a specific text.  Here's an example of a lot code:



20L represents a facility

163 represents production Jullian date (in this case June 12)

7 represents year (in this case 2017)

F represents 2 hour time code (in this case 10:00-12:00)


Our time codes could be considered as A=00:00-01:59, B=02:00-03:59, C=04:00-05:59, etc.


The first 3 parts of the code are simple, either embedded text or a date function in a string.  My problem starts when attempting to use time ranges in order to lookup my text value.  I'm imagining this is solvable using VB script editing, however I'm a complete novice at this.


Does anyone have any recommendations where I can look for additional support or know what kind of script or look ups could be used?  Thank you!



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adam cummick
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I'd try something along the lines of this: Set a variable equal to the current time. Split the result by the ":" characters and take the first chunk(the hour). Put that through some if statements that correspond to your 2 hour increments and sets the value to the appropriate letter. Example:


timeNow = time  'get current time

timeNowArray = split(timeNow,":")    'separate 4:32:00 into 3 parts

timeNowHour = CInt(timeNowArray(0))

if( timeNowHour >= 0 And timeNowHour <2) then

value = "A"

else if( timeNowHour >= 0 And timeNowHour <2) then

value = "B"


And so on until you cover all the times you need. I haven't run this code, so it probably has some sort of syntax error, but it should be a good start!