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I am upgrading our system from 9.2 to 10.1 SDK.  If I print a btw file from the existing 9.2 SDK it will print to a generic printer landscape as it should.   When I print the exact same label with the 10.1 driver I cannot get it to print landscape.  Tried printer settings for the windows 7 os and tried setting the printer orientation in the Printer.Orientation in the task before printing, neither had any affect..

Printing same label to the same printer both windows 7 two different computers

Any suggestions what is the difference. 

Things I considered

1. my 10.1 license is a trial.

2.  in 10.1 I am using the taskmaster.



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Troy Erickson
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The label files are setup to use a fixed label size example 4 by 6.  I am trying to print to a standard 8,5 by 11 sheet for testing.

Did some more testing and it seems to boil down is the different versions tackle the forcing of paper size different.  9.2 seems to handle the automatically selecting of the paper fine.  10.1 faults the printer and I have to go and select which tray to use manually but still will print portrait.