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Christos Aristidou



I have purchased BarTender Designer 2016 R3 Enterprise Automation (5 Printers)


Using the designer i have made a template that connects to an excel file and pulls ingredients, best before date , etc etc for 20 different salads....


now i want to be able to use the print portal on the ipad


select the label template and then go through the 20 records ( the salads ) and specify how many copies to print for each record


the number of copies is not the same for all records


for example




5 copies for record 1

10 copies for record 2

0 copies for record 3

50 copies for record 4

and so on....


when im done with entering the number of copies the printing can start...


how can i do this ??


kind regards





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Peter Zalinski
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You can create a repeating process that prints the labels for each record immediately after you select the record and enter the number of copies on a form, but you cannot define the number of copies against each record in the database and then trigger the print job. BarTender Print Portal is not designed to support this. 

The best way to print against each record is to create a "copies" entry in your data table, edit that in a separate app, and then select your bartender print job.