Encoding Data 追蹤

Jeff Matthews


Environment:    Bartender Professional 2016   v11.0.3.3094
Zebra R110Xi4 RFID printer
Zebra MC319Z RFID Hand Held Scanner
(Running Windows Mobile 6.5)
Zebra / Confidex RFID Label
(Class 1 Gen 2 Passive ISO 18000-6C UHF RFID Transponder)


My overall goal is to print RFID labels consisting of a 2D barcode Matrix with a human readable serial number just to right of barcode.  I want to embed (encode) the human readable serial number into the RFID label so it can read from the MC319Z RFID hand held scanner. I also want the hand held scanner to read (via Laser) the 2D barcode Matrix which has the serial number information.


I’ve developed a c# program to read the 2D barcode Matrix and subsequently get the serial number information via the scanner’s laser.  I’ve also written c# code that reads some of the RFID label information. I believe it’s the Tag ID. What I’m unable to do, is to read the embedded serial number information. I believe this is because


I’m not properly encoding the data into the RFID label itself.
And if the serial number information does become successfully embedded into the label, I’m not exactly sure how to extract it out of the label.  Honestly, I’m more concerned of ensuring the serial information gets encoded into the label itself at this moment.


I’ve read the Bartender document “How to set up a RFID encoder object” and although that’s been helpful I’m still a bit fuzzy on what exactly I need to do to accomplish what I stated above. For example, that article explains how to encode for one or multiple segments. 


Do I need to use multiple segments?
What segment does that human readable serial number go to so it can be read later by the MC319z scanner c# code? And how do I get that serial number into the segment. I saw a “User Data” segment, I figured my serial number should be stored there. But how? 


And it seems data is stored into the segments in a Hex format. Would my serial number (alpha numeric) be encoded into the segment in a Hex Format?  And if so, I’m assuming my c# code is going to have to convert that Hex value to ascii to make sense for the customer.


So I was hoping to get an overall high level view (and to whatever amount of detail ) of how I get that serial number encoded into the RFID label.