Speed up BTXML Integration Printer 追蹤

Eddy van der Leer

OS: Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise (64 bit) SP Service Pack 1 build 7601.

Network printer: Zebra ZT410 (300 dpi) with latest Seagull Driver installed.

Bartender version:

We're printing labels through a BTXML integration.

This particular XML has 7 labels on it. Each label is its own Print loop on the XML. I'd attach the relevant files, but this forum doesn't seem to have that option.

Checking the log in BarTender Integration Builder, it takes 31 seconds between the receipt of the XML and the print job being sent to the spooler. Screenshot also attached. That is about 4.4 seconds per label, which is very slow for our purposes.

Is there any way to speed this process up?