Error message reguarding a field in a DB being missing, even when its not used in the template 追蹤

Michael Cooper

Does Bar Tender cache database schema ? I keep receiving an error for a field in a table from a database that we use rather heavily, but the field is not used in the label template. When I connect to a view of the table which is very similar I do not receive the error. If yes, is there a way to clear this ?




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Shotaro Ito
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If there's no object / data source / conditions / print dialog copies to refer the field, there might be the document is partly corrupted.

Try temporarily remove all label objects from template and print preview.
If the error is gone, there should be an object's data source which caused the trouble. Try re-create the object.

If the error persists, make sure no Named data source using that field. 

If the problem persists, re-create a document with the same dimension from scratch, and connect database. Then try copy and paste from the original document opened on the other tab.

Make sure you have applied the latest service release.