Multiple DataSource join from different .txt files in one commander file? 追蹤

Bryan Luisana


I have an application that provides two different .txt file databases for each label that is printed.  This is done because every once in a while fields are added to each datasources for the labels.  Bartender doesn't bind the data in the files by fieldname but by index of the fields.  If all of the data was joined into one file and a new field was added we would have to open and change hundreds of label templates  each time a field was added.  

We have been using the .net sdk and dynamically changing the datasources in each template at print time to the file names.  This technically works but we have had lots of problems with the SDK.  To get around these we want to switch over to flat files processed through commander.  

Is there a way to tell the bartender template opened in a commander file to use 2 different .txt files?  I can't seem to find anyway to get this to work.  Any help would be much appreciated.