Evolis Quantum 2 and CrazyWriter RFID Module 追蹤

Mark Phillips

The Evolis Quantum 2 is supported by the BarTender Windows Printer Driver, and in the driver there is an option for contactless smart card encoding. Does BarTender support the CrazyWriter module that is an option for the Quantum 2, and how do I access it?

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Shotaro Ito
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You need Enterprise Automation edition to enable card printer's RFID function.
(You could try in 30-day trial state too)

CrazyWriter shoud be supported by BarTender - try latest driver from Seagull website.
It looks you need to install driver for encoder (CrazyWriter) too.

Once you able to enable contactless smart card encoder mapping in driver options,
You can place RFID object from BarTender designer's Create menu > Encoder.