Batch printing based on multiple scans 追蹤

Jack London


Fairly new to Bartender I am seeking some guidance on how we can configure the application to support batch printing based on multiple scans.  Here is the scenario.  We have multiple shipments that are sent in a single container.  Each shipment must be marked with the container number and shipment number both on a barcode label. 

What we would like to do is be able to scan the container barcode once as the first input to the process, then subsequently scan each shipment number that is going into that container as the second input to the process.  Once all shipment numbers have been scanned, we complete the process and, once completed, we print out X number of labels where "X" is the number of shipments and each label contains a barcode for the container number and a barcode for the shipment number. 

I would greatly appreciate any insight to guide us to this outcome.

Thank you.