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Alexander B

I am evaluating Bartender 2016.
I currently own Automation 10.1.SR4
I would like to clear selected records from the record picker after each print.
Currently after each print bartender remembers what records I selected from the previous print and I have to clear them first.
I use print station (but I don't think that makes a difference)
Can anyone please help me with this.
thanks in advance.

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Jasper Wen
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Unfortunately, we don't have an option currently in BarTender 2016 to be able to automatically clear selected records at print time for the record picker. The records selected are based on what is set in the file->print and selected records option. We only have a clear button that you can enable on the data entry form properties so you would have to click the clear button to deselect the records at print time.

We do have a feature request submitted in our system to add this type of functionality to the record picker.