Error 3300 when printing through Command Line 追蹤

yona Tauber

I'm using the following command line to call upon bartender, specify the database path and print:
Bartend.exe /F="LabelPath" /DD /P /D="DataFile01" /PD /MIN=SystemTray /PRN="PrinterName"
Often, but not always, bartender will stay stuck with Error #3300 that the database file cannot be found.
Some facts: 
a. The DataFile is a CSV file 
b Each time the command line  is called from within our program the DataFile has a different name 
c. However the data structure is the same, the same amount of fields and filed names .  
d. The label could be called from different workstations 
e. The old Data files is being deleted from time to time 
This problem seems to be at random mainly in the morning but we cant pin-point what is causing it 
We tried to reproduce the error by deleting the old data files and it still works sometimes