BarTender to be used for generating barcode which will be pasted as a label in PDF, in .net web application 追蹤

Suman George

Our requirement is just to generate barcode in .net application and paste it in pdf file.
This file will be sent as an attachment to several users in email.

I was going through some BarTender whitepapers but i am still not sure if i can use BarTender just for this purpose.
And if i use it what license should i apply for.
Since i will be generating barcode in a pdf file and sending it as an attachment, printers will not be in the picture(Which is the main parameter for license).

Please suggest.



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Shotaro Ito
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In Enterprise Automation license (with minimum 3 printers license), you can create Preview image of label via BTXML.
Using BarTender Integration with BTXML Script, you can save preview image to specific path.

Basically You can create an Integration,

To take BTXML to generate image like below.

In the case response time is critical, you may able to speed up a bit by using Print Scheduler API
Refer Help > Automating BarTender > Automation with the BarTender .NET SDK
(Install BarTender .net SDK at setup wizard required.)