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Chris Dinham

Hey guys.

Im wondering if there is a way of calculating a best before date from a made by date that comes from a manually added text field. 

I have text box with a date input mask that points to a text string on the label. 

Id like that date to be used to calculate 14 months forward from the date added. 

iv been trying to adapt this somehow but with no luck

thanks for any help 


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Shotaro Ito
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For BarTender 10.0 or later includes Ver 2016, You can refer other text's value by Object value data source.
Then specify data type as Date, then apply Offset transform with 14 months.

Text 1: Data source: Clock, Data Type: Date, Linked to form's Date Picker

Text 2: Data source: Object Value (of Text 1), Data Type: Date, Transform: Offset 14 months 


For versions before, you can apply OnProcessData VB Script.
Text 2 created as the same (object value). More options > VB Script,


Value = DateAdd("m",14,Value)