Problem printing text linked to barcode 追蹤

Joshua Brown

Hi all,

Please see below screenshot of label.

The label consists of a serialised barcode and a text box displaying the last 3 digits of the barcode number. The text is linked to the barcode by the Object Value data source.

The label looks fine in Bartender, however when I go to print out the label, only the barcode gets printed. The text with the 3 digits disappears - see image below.

I've tried moving the text around to different parts of the label and changing its size, but it still doesn't come out on the printed label. It does not seem to be a font issue because the text font is in the same as that of the barcode. I can only get the text to print if I change the data source to embedded data.

Any thoughts on why this might be happening? 

I am using BarTender Designer 2016 R5. The Printer is a ZM400.



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Roland Sieber
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Hi Josh

We have the same problem with BarTender Designer 2016 R5.

Could you fix the problem? How



Pete Thane
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Just tried replicating this with 2016 R7 and am not encountering the same problem.

As with Josh's sample I have made the new text field an Object Value Data Sources and have then enabled Transforms>Truncation>Keep Characters on Right set to 3 to only show the last digits.

I have not got a Zebra to physically test with but looking at the output file I can see the ZPL commands to print the text field as well as the barcode and human readable and so I know BarTender is correctly encoding and sending the output. 


(Just wondering if Josh's should be an SSCC code and so the 01 is an application identifier and so should be displayed in brackets in the human readable, but that isn't relevant to this issue)