Issues with populating Named Data Sources via BTXML 追蹤

Matt Dolnik

I am trying to populate various fields in a label template via BTXML data and only some of the fields are being populated.

I cannot for the life of me figure out why only some are working and others are not.

Apparently I can only attach images, not the xml or template file in question...

Here is a screenshot of the template with issues... For some reason the SampleText value (or any other new / copied text fields with new Named Data Sources with corresponding xml data) does not get populated and the SampleText default value "Default SampleText text... the data import didn't work" remains on the label


Here is a screenshot of the btxml which populates all but the SampleText value

Here is the output of the printed label when running File > Run BTXML Script

If someone has a way for me to send them the actual template btw file and the btxml file (so they can reproduce this / help me) let me know

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Matt Dolnik
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This turned out to be an issue with invisible characters added to the Named Data Source name(s)

The following is a screenshot of the QR field which was working

And the following is a screenshot of the SampleText field which was NOT working

As you can see there's extra width on the text selection.

To resolve this, you can simply right click on that Named Data Source and delete the invisible character from the end.


Now I believe this issue comes about from a bug in the Bartender software as I confirmed by copying text and pasting text I want to use as a Named Data Source into the software. My original process which led to this bug happened by doing the following:

  • Took an existing (working) text field and copied it
  • Went to the Text Field's properties
  • Clicked the Name icon (hand pointing to form thing) to open the "Change Data Source Name Wizard"
  • Checked "Create new named data source"
  • Pasted in the info copied from the xml (or elsewhere)
  • Pressed OK
I noticed it adds the extra invisible character to the named data for anything pasted in (and triple checked the copied data didn't contain the extra character). Typing it in does not have this issue.
  • This happens for both the Rename and Create new options in the "Change Data Source Name Wizard"
  • This appears to happen in the pasting process into those fields
    • If you press left / right on the end of the pasted in text you will notice the hidden character
  • So I believe this is a bug in the software (If anyone could confirm / deny this that would help).