Import QR code as an image from database 追蹤


I need to insert QR code generated by another system in to the template.

  1. Is there an option to import these QR codes as an image file?
  2. Is there an option to insert the encrypted QR code bytes to the field in the label and generate QR code with in BarTender?

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Peter Thane
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1. Just add an image on the file linked to your database field where the image of the CR code is stored. The original image ideally needs to be generated at the same DPI as the printer you are using to print otherwise the printed picture may not be very clear

2. You need to send BarTender the data so it can process the image itself

Finny Exeeson
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Thank you Pete for your response.
I am not clear on few things,

1. The database that i am planning to integrate to BarTender is an excel file. Not sure if bartender will be able to pick up the location of the image file from the excel file and place the correct image in the template

2. How will i send BarTender the data, will this be as a encoded string that i can pass through the excel file?