ActiveX - Formats.setprompt error "object doesn't support this property or method" 追蹤



Attempting to use the Formats.SetPrompt method, but keep getting an error: "object doesn't support this property or method"

I have reviewed the documentation online and it appears that I have the correct syntax, but still getting the error.

Code is below:

Set BtFormat = BtApp.Formats.Open(sFileLoc, True, "")
BtFormat.IdenticalCopiesOfLabel = Me.nbrQtyReq
BtFormat.EnablePrompting = True
BtApp.VisibleWindows = btInteractiveDialogs
BtFormat.Formats.SetPrompt("Text Input Box 1", "C12345-LMNOP") = cn
Call BtFormat.PrintOut(True, False)
BtFormat.Close btDoNotSaveChanges