Bartender Dll ExportToFile Function 追蹤


I currently have a C# application where I use the Interop.BarTender.dll as a reference so I can control BarTender in the background. For our job our customers require label proofs before we can start production. So I usually just make PDF label proofs using the dll. When calling the bartenderFormat.ExportToFile() function it seems to include non printing objects and they end up appearing on the PDFs.

We try to universalize label formats so we don't have too many and based on certain information on the labels we hide fields and barcodes. The field suppression does work, but like I just mentioned when you set the print when condition for a barcode it seems to get ignored when calling bartenderFormat.ExportToFile().

If I were to open BarTender and open the label format file and then click File -> Export Image and create a PDF that way, everything works fine and all print when conditions are met. So it's confusing why it works one way and not the other.

Any insight would be appreciated.

I am using Bartender Automation Edition 10.1 SR3 Build: 2954