Bartender 2021 database connection with Text file header in first row NOT WORKING 追蹤

Vinoth vishparaj

Hi ,

We have existing BT10.1 which we are migrating with BT2021. We have text file with | delimiter. 


We have file structure as below

Material Desc| Batch|


With the above file , when we use BT2021 database connection with Text file and first row is a header, when we do the setup getting the below error.

The Text file header line, contains empty or invalid field names. 

Can advice how to achieve this. I want my header fields to be displayed so that we can map the fields rather than displaying Field1,Field2. We have 50 over fields to map. 


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Pete Thane
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Only just noticed this:

I am using 2021 R5 and with a test database configured with | delimiter it works without issue:

I would suggest updating to R5 and retrying it in case it was a big in an older version that has now been corrected.