Doubt abou updating to Bartender 2021 追蹤


Hi, my customer has a old version Bartender  Enterprise where he are using automation with ActiveX.

If update Bartender to 2021 what him to do to implement it? Compile the application again using the library of 2021 version ?

Or simple update the licence server is suficient ? is it necessary install the bartender 2021 in clients ?

Where i find the tutorial to do it ? Anyone has a ideia ? Thanks.

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Laura Vela
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Hello Altivo,

Thank you for your comment.

We have the following article to try and help customers using a custom application upgrade to a newer version:

Regarding the License Server and client installations, you have to take into account that v2021 is not backwards compatible (license wise). For this reason, there is the possibility of provisionally activating v2021 so that both versions (your customer's current version and v2021) can run in parallel for a specific period of time (for Enterprise customers this would be 6 months).

This way, they could install the License Server v2021 as well as try 'updating' their application to v2021 on a sandbox environment, check that everything is working as expected and then progressively update their BarTender clients to v2021.

Further information about recommended steps for upgrading as well as an explanation on the Provisional Activation can be found here:

I hope this helps.