GS1 DataMatrix Barcode - Bartender adding space before first character 追蹤



A customer label requires a 2D barcode. I'm using the GS1 Datamatrix barcode on my template design. 

This is what the data is supposed to look like:


I have the barcode set up so that the data sources come from an Excel database (see below). 

The problem is that when the barcode is generated through Bartender - a SPACE appears before the first character. See the screenshot from an app which checks the data string – the data is highlighted in red because there are errors. The error is that there is an extra space at the beginning – which I’ve highlighted to show.

When that space is removed, the 2D scans correctly. 


This is doing my head in so any advice would be appreciated!  




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Pete Thane
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It looks to me like it should be a standard Datamatrix as the code is not following the GS1 format with the application identifiers. A GS1-128 also starts with a function 1 character and so that is showing up a s space when you scan I would suggest.