Printing on Toshiba TEC printers fail after application update 追蹤


We use two Toshiba printer models B-SA4TM-TS12-QM-R (300 dpi) and B-SA4TM-GS12-QM-R (203 dpi)
with the drivers TEC B-SA4T (203 dpi) or TEC B-SA4T (300 dpi)
with driver version 2018.1
After an application update, the label is not printed over the full length of 210 mm, but after approx. 100 mm the printing is ended, although the print settings are still correct.

An update of the driver to 2021.1 fixes the problem of the incomplete printout, but the feed after printing to the tear-off edge no longer works.
In addition, the printout starts too high, i.e. the upper margin settings are not taken into account or the detection of the paper edge via the sensor (transmitted light) does not work.

A printout via the Windows print settings works correctly with both printers and the feed to the tear-off edge as well as the use of the label sensor (transmitted light) work correctly here.

After the printing process from the previous version has been taken over again or after the legacy printing options have been set in the application, the label is shifted once by 2.5 cm to the left and once by 2.5 cm to the right

The application update was carried out 2 weeks ago in connection with various Windows updates. Does anyone have similar behavior?

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Thomas Bickel
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Update to 2021.2 Driver seems to fix the problem